Here I'd like to provide to those of you who may benefit, a repository of helpful resources I've found over the years.


With the ever-increasing efforts by corporations and world governments to silo the internet, and by extension information and expression,
it is more important than ever to take ownership of the online infrustructure in order to serve human interests,
rather than those of capital and control.

By excerising our ability to form actionable communities and information networks outside of the technocratic establishment,
we can begin to undo the social manipulation foisted upon the populace that prevents meaningful action from being taken against harmful establishment practices.


Love, unity, and empathy are, in 2024, an act of rebellion.

We must organise, resist, and seek to be greater than our circumstances in order to build an actual future,

or have it taken from us.

Fuck Square Space - Build Your Own Site

A.I. Scrape Protection

NightShade Your Artwork

Glaze Your Artwork

Pharmacology/Altered States




Agora Road



Consciousness Studies