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"There's a light outside the tunnel, I've been courting it for years.
It's been bashing me with secrets I would most like not to hear.
Says it's building me a raft, painting footnotes on the sails,
so when I take it to the water I won't believe that it can fail."

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[February 20th 2024]

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"Shooting Down Souls... Good Luck with That":
Some Paradoxical Thoughts on the UFO Phenomenon from a Historian of Religions

Jeffrey Kripal P.H.D

[Full Article Link]

"...When the subjects didn't have to report the contents of consciousness,
the frontal correlates diminished [6].
The neural structures we associate with the idea of the introspecting subject
seem to not underpin consciousness itself after all,
but to instead merely report on the contents of consciousness..."

- James Cooke | Neuroscientist, Writer & Speaker

[Full Article Link]

"One of the more unsettling discoveries in the past half a century
is that the universe is not locally real.
In this context, 'real' means that objects have definite properties independent of observation
- an apple can be red even when no one is looking.
'Local' means that objects can be influenced only by their surroundings
and that any influence cannot travel faster than light.
Investigations at the frontiers of quantum physics have found that these things cannot both be true.
Instead the evidence shows that objects are not influenced solely by their surroundings,
and they may also lack definite properties prior to measurement."

- Scientific American 2022

[Full Article Link]

Nobel Prize in Physics 2022

Non-Local Universe 2022

Non-Local Consciousness 2016

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